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Sunshine Coast House Builders

Build an Ideal House for Your Family

As Sunshine Coast house builders, we know how important your house is in your and your family’s lives. We want to help make your dream house a reality! 

At Total Building & Construction, we offer affordable, unique and customised house builds in the Sunshine Coast region. Our house builds are cost effective and affordable, but are still of the quality and standard that you would want for your home. Regardless of your chosen style, layout or size requirements, the Total Building & Construction team are confident that we can help build a house that you and your family will love for years to come. 

If you are looking for Sunshine Coast house builders, be sure to get in touch with a friendly member of our team today for a personalised quote. Our dedication to our customers ensures that we take all of your needs and requirements into consideration.

Sunshine Coast House Builders

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Expert Sunshine Coast House Builders

Total Building & Construction are the house building experts. We understand and implement important design and building elements to provide our clients with the house of their dreams. 

Your house is so much more than just a building. Your house plays an important role in your life and in the lives of your family; it’s where you spend much of your time, where you entertain guests, and where you and your family live together. A house that is right for you should incorporate the design you wanted, flow well and provide the functionality that you need. Do you know what design you want for your house? Have you considered flow and ease of movement? Does your house provide you with the functions you and your family require? When building house, these are the elements we check.

sunshine coast house builders

Sunshine Coast House Builders

Factors to Consider When Building Your House

If you want to build a new home for your family, there are several important elements to consider before you begin. This will ensure that your new home provides the space and functionality that you and your family need. We know how daunting the building process can be, and we want to help make it easier for you!

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The land you plan to build your new house on can have a major impact on your home’s design. The size of the land, existing slopes, the land’s general location and its orientation all impact on the design of your house. It will also dictate how you can maximise the available space and natural light. Land types, shape and accessibility can also impact on the cost to build your new house, which makes them important elements to consider when creating your home’s budget as well as when laying out your floor plan.


The space of your house design can play a big part in the flow and functionality of your home, as well as impact on your floor plan. Important elements of space to consider are:

  • Storage and shelving
  • Flexible areas
  • Potential furniture placement

While open plan designs are popular and provide an easy way to maximise the space of your house, poor open plan designs can lead to excessive noise carrying throughout your house. It’s important to try and balance an open plan home design with privacy and noise reduction.


In house design, zoning helps determine where you should place your bedrooms in relation to communal areas like your kitchen or living room. The way you zone your house design will affect how much privacy you have and how well noise carries throughout your house. 

As expert Sunshine Coast house builders, we evaluate the floor plans of your home to make the most of the available space you have. We also ensure that the building and construction materials we use are of good quality and fit the dream house you have in mind. 

House builds require a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, which is why we use high-quality materials while building your home.

Home Cooling

The Australian Government estimates that 40% of household energy is used for heating or cooling. That’s a lot of energy! We believe that smart house builds can alleviate the pressure placed on artificial cooling.

By considering the land type and available space, your new house can incorporate useful design elements that can help provide natural means of cooling, such as:

  • Large frescoes or outdoor living areas
  • Large windows for better ventilation
  • Integration between indoor and outdoor living areas
  • Open spaces that encourage breezes.
sunshine coast house builders

Why Choose Total Building & Construction

Sunshine Coast House Builders

When you choose to partner with Total Building & Construction for your home builds, you are guaranteed dedication, commitment, and a promise to provide you with the house you’ve always wanted. The TB&C team aim to go above and beyond what you had hoped for your house to deliver a completed project that is beautiful and which suits your and your family’s needs.

The TB&C team prides itself on our professional service and dedicated to our clients. Our finalised designs meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We know that, as a crucial part of your life, the design of your home matters.

sunshine coast house builders

Professional House Builds & Renovations

We build and/or renovate custom house in the Sunshine Coast region. Regardless of the size, style or budgetary limitations of your intended house build or renovation, we try to provide the ideal house for our customers. We approach each and every house build or renovations project with years of experience, an eye of detail and an uncompromising incorporation of only the best design principles.

Our renovation services can be tailored to meet your budget requirements while still aiming to provide you with a finished house that suits your lifestyle, and one that exceeds your expectations.

From your concept to the finished project, we will provide support and expert advice to you, to ensure that you and your family receive a house that you will all love. During the project, we will carefully monitor each task and each step of the build or renovation process to ensure that no budget or time is wasted. Our team has a wealth of experience in house building and renovations, which means that if you’re not sure about the design of your home, we can advise you on layout, materials and the design options you have available.

Before we begin working on your new house, we will meet with you to discuss your future home. Take a look at our construction and renovation process…

The Building Process

Initial Consultation
When you get in contact with us we will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your project. You will sit down with Rohan and he will provide you with an idea of the building process tailored to your requirements. 

On Site Visit
The next step in the building process is to meet at the building site. This ensure that we get any detailed site specifics and therefore can give you a more accurate quote. Quite often the initial consultation takes place on the building site. Here we able to discuss in detail the location of the building and ensure it is situated in the most optimal position on the site and discus any site specific details.

Plans and Designs
If you have not already got plans this is where Rohan can assist you with having your plans drawn. 

Initial Quote
Initially Rohan will give you a quote based on the plans, site location and your building needs. At this stage the quote is an estimate only and we endeavour to ensure that these are as accurate as possible. You will now meet with Rohan again to discuss your quote and make any changes where necessary. 

Fixed Quotation 
This is where Rohan will get in contact with our hand-picked team of local subcontractors and suppliers to collect fixed quotations for your build. This is a comprehensive quotation that allows you to gain clear insight into your individual building process. 

Building Contract 
This is an exciting part of the building process as this is when a Master Builders contract will be drawn up and signed by yourself and Rohan and the onsite work will begin. 

Now the building can begin. Continuity of communication key. We endeavour to continuously liaise with you and also with our team of carpenters and hand-picked local subcontractors. This enables us to provide a streamlined building process for you, our valued customer. We work closely with you throughout the entire build, keeping you up to date with regular photos and also encourage and enjoy site visits ensuring you get the detailed finished you desire.

Ready to start your home build with Sunshine Coast house builders you can trust?