We can manage the building process for our clients from the engineering and planning stages right through to completion

Initial Consultation

When you get in contact with us we will schedule a time to meet with you to discuss your project. You will sit down with Rohan and he will provide you with an idea of the building process tailored to your requirements. 

On Site Visit

The next step in the building process is to meet at the building site. This ensure that we get any detailed site specifics and therefore can give you a more accurate quote. Quite often the initial consultation takes place on the building site. Here we able to discuss in detail the location of the building and ensure it is situated in the most optimal position on the site and discus any site specific details.

Plans and Designs

If you have not already got plans this is where Rohan can assist you with having your plans drawn. 

Initial Quote

Initially Rohan will give you a quote based on the plans, site location and your building needs. At this stage the quote is an estimate only and we endeavour to ensure that these are as accurate as possible. You will now meet with Rohan again to discuss your quote and make any changes where necessary. 

Fixed Quotation 

This is where Rohan will get in contact with our hand-picked team of local subcontractors and suppliers to collect fixed quotations for your build. This is a comprehensive quotation that allows you to gain clear insight into your individual building process. 

Building Contract 

This is an exciting part of the building process as this is when a Master Builders contract will be drawn up and signed by yourself and Rohan and the onsite work will begin. 

The Build
Now the building can begin. Continuity of communication key. We endeavour to continuously liaise with you and also with our team of carpenters and hand-picked local subcontractors. This enables us to provide a streamlined building process for you, our valued customer. We work closely with you throughout the entire build, keeping you up to date with regular photos and also encourage and enjoy site visits ensuring you get the detailed finished you desire.